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Lake Paloma

Experience Lake Paloma like never before!

Using state of the art technology, you get the opportunity to experience kayaking in a simple and safe way – whenever you want! It’s as easy as a single QR code scan. Head down to Lake Paloma, choose the kayak, scan the QR code, take your kayak, paddle and life jacket and enjoy kayaking. Once you would like to return, place the kayak on same rack/position and lock the kayak. That’s it!

Download the ShareKayak App from Apple App Storeor Google Play Store or visit the ShareKayak website for more information.

For questions/comments/concerns please contact ShareKayak directly at 539-900-5838 or [email protected]

Please keep in mind, this is a self service rental option. No staff members will be on site to assist you. If you require any assistance lifting a kayak or getting in/out of a kayak we recommend you visit Riva Row Boat House or Lakes Edge Boat House. These 2 boat houses have friendly staff members ready to assist you. When visiting Lake Paloma, always be aware of weather conditions and water temperature. Prepare for changes in weather and the possibility of a capsize. Terms and conditions apply. Please see ShareKayak website for more information.