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Pedal Single Kayak

1-4 Hours • Hands Free Pedal Experience!

One Hour Rental
Two Hour Rental
Three Hour Rental
Four Hour Rental

Pedal Single Kayak Rental


1 to 4 Hours

Age Restrictions

A child age 9 years and younger must ride in a watercraft with someone older than 16 years of age. A child age 10 to 15 years may be in their own watercraft, but with direct adult supervision. Children 16 to 17 years of age may go out without supervision, but their parent/legal guardian must sign the rental waiver.

Height Requirements

A child under 42 inches tall may ride in an adult’s lap in the standard single and tandem kayaks only.


These things are FAST! The Hobie Mirage Compass single pedal kayak is great for those who want a virtually hands-free kayaking experience. Perfect for birding, fishing, or a serious leg workout. A back-up paddle is also provided in case you want to switch it up later.

About Riva Row Boat House

Riva Row Boat House is within walking distance from Market Street and The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. This boat house in located on the lower waterway and it takes about 25 minutes to reach Lake Woodlands from this boat house. Rental options include: single and tandem kayaks, single and tandem pedal kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, elliptical stand-up paddleboards, water bikes, and swan boats.

Maximum Weight Limits:

Tandem kayaks= 500 pounds
Single kayaks= 300 pounds
Pedal tandem kayaks= 550 pounds, max seat capacity 275 pounds
Pedal single kayaks= 275 pounds, max seat capacity 275 pounds
Stand-up paddleboards= 220 pounds
Elliptical stand-up paddleboards= 200 pounds
Water bikes= 325 pounds
Swan boats= 700 pounds

Is it okay for a group of people to rent out a watercraft and then swap people in and out?

No. If a single kayak is rented, the person who signed the waiver form is the only person that can use the kayak. If a tandem kayak is rented, then only the two people who signed the waiver form can use the kayak. Thus, there is no transferring of rentals among people in a group.